Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Babies are a Blessing!

Life is beautiful! Babies are a blessing!

Sadly, most think of babies not as a blessing but a burden. As a new parent, I can tell you that most of the comments you receive when you're having a baby reflect this overall negative view of life. People talk about losing sleep, changing diapers, financial burdens, and other challenges. Even if someone is joking, it often shows how they really view something. People ask if this baby was an "accident." The most incredible thing we can do with our lives is bring a new life into existence - a life that did not exist before, and will exist for all eternity. And all some people can come up with is, "Was this planned?" This lame response reduces the most exciting thing to a business transaction.

Having and raising children are difficult things. So is getting married. But the key is that the difficulties and sacrifices you make are worth the joy you receive. It's part of the package deal. The hardships are part of the whole picture, but they are not the whole picture in themselves. Marriage is difficult - but worth it! Having children can be tough - but great joy comes through great sacrifice. If you want to have joy, you need to make sacrifices.

Babies are not a burden but a joy!

This is the best sign you can have - a smiling baby! He's saying, "It may be cold, but I'm glad I'm here!"

Our final attempt to show that life is joyful, no matter the circumstances.