Sunday, February 13, 2011

Status of the Spring Campaign here in Charlottesville

As many of you have heard, the national spring campaign will be held from March 9 to April 17 this year. Charlottesville will not be officially taking part in this campaign; however, that does not mean we will be ignoring the event.

We are asking that each of you pledge to a specific prayer and fast for the 40 days. I know for myself in the past it is easy to say "yes I'm praying for an end to abortion", but it's a lot harder to actually make that time daily to pray, even if it's only a single Our Father. This demon of abortion will only be driven away by prayer and fasting, so let us focus on allowing God to drive it away. Take some time to prayerfully consider what God is calling you to do, write it down and put it somewhere where you will see it daily.

I believe we will be able to have the schedule open for sign-ups. We know abortions have been performed at Planned Parenthood on Fridays and Saturdays and it would be wonderful to focus our presence on the days when women are in need. There are those who are seeking to fill more of the schedule this spring, if you would be interested in joining their efforts in outreach and education, let us know and we'll get you together.

Thank you for your dedication and prayers, and I hope to see you all noon tomorrow at Planned Parenthood to pray that they will finally be defunded in this nation and around the world.