Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Instructions for the Prayer Vigil

  • Possible Locations
    • Albemarle Baptist Church (across the street)
      • Not on Sundays or Wednesday evenings
      • Please DON'T walk on the grass!
    • Drillers (two blocks towards the school on the PP side of the street)
      • Park up by the fence, on the side closest to PP
      • They pull a large truck into the lot, so make sure you're close to the fence
      • If there are a lot of cars - please park at the church.
    • Four Seasons (Two blocks down past Earlysville Road on PP side of the Street)
    • Albemarle Highschool (after school hours)
  • Parking in other locations is at your own risk
What to Do?
  • Pray: This is a time to pray for:
    • An end to Abortion
    • The conversion of hearts
    • The healing of those who've participated
    • A greater respect for human life
    • That we may have the Grace to follow God's Will
  • Read the scriptures:
    • Psalm 8, 22, 127, and 139
    • Galatians 1
    • Genesis 1
  • Sing: To sing well is to pray 2x (to sing badly but as well as you can with what God gave you is to pray 10x)
General Respect
  • Don't step on ANY grass - specifically not around...
    • Albemarle Baptist (be gentle to those who allow us to park so close!)
    • Planned Parenthood (bless those who curse you)
  • Don't block the side walk
  • If someone comes to ask questions - answer respectfully
  • Do not harass the PP employees, patients, volunteers or guests
  • All items have been donated - please treat with respect
  • Please take your trash with you.
Aggressive Individuals

Although it is uncommon to have a problem, in the case of an aggressive or threatening individual please do the following:

  • Do not engage in a confrontational exchange with anyone.
    • If someone becomes offensive or accusatory, kindly say that this sort of dialogue is non-productive and that you really need to get back to what you were doing - praying
    • Pray for the person
  • If the person continues to be aggressive please call the police
    • Emergency #911 (if you want someone there quickly)
    • Police (Non-emergency) # 434-977-9041
    • Local Team (Let us know!) #434-214-0345
  • If Police are called cooperate fully in action with the police (if they ask you to move, move - then let us know)
  • Other considerations
    • Remember this is peaceful prayer vigil
    • if another pro-life volunteer is getting aggressive, please follow the same steps
    • It's a good idea to have a camera on hand