Thursday, October 24, 2013

Midpoint Gathering and Memorial

Our Midpoint Gathering with a memorial for the 672 babies who have died at this Planned Parenthood.

Many showed up with their children to be a reminder to life. Please remember to bring your signs out and if you have extra to store them in the box for others.

Being a witness to the love and mercy of God is why we go out and pray. Please consider taking an hour to pray at Planned Parenthood this week!

They were so upset by our numbers that they brought out this sign. It's always good to know we are having an effect on their hearts. Pray for all those who support this company, that their eyes will be opened to the evil.

 I hope you are inspired by them to come out and pray again soon on the sidewalk and to stand in the gap for the unborn babies whose lives hang in the balance.

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