Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rally for Life - What's Next

It is hard to believe it’s been over three weeks since the RALLY FOR LIFE! We will soon have video available of portions of the Rally, and we will let you know how to access this when it is available.

What’s next?
  • We can pray. Join us September 25 through Nov 3 as we stand and pray with others in front of Planned Parenthood (2964 Hydraulic Road) during Central Virginia’s 40 Days for Life. We know God hears and answers our prayers. And when we pray in front of Planned Parenthood, we are visible statements for life - not just for the young mothers who come for an abortion, but also for workers who staff that facility, and the people walking and driving by. You can register now and select times at our local website to join us in prayer. 
  • Visit the national website and register to receive Daily Devotionals during the 40 Days. 
  • Be a contact person for your church in this Fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign. Help us get information and materials to your church - we will provide you with everything you need. Contact the campaign team to discuss this.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pledge of Peace

Everyone who comes out to pray for the 40 Days for Life Vigil must agree-to and abide-by the following pledge:

I testify to the following:
  1. I will only pursue peaceful solutions to the violence of abortion when volunteering with the 40 Days for Life campaign
  2. I will show compassion and reflect Christ’s love to all Planned Parenthood employees, volunteers, and customers
  3. I understand that acting in a violent or harmful manner immediately and completely disassociates me from the 40 Days for Life campaign
  4. I am in no way associated with the Planned Parenthood or its affiliates by way of employment, informant, volunteer, client, or otherwise
While standing in the city right of way in front of Planned Parenthood:
  1. I will not obstruct the driveways or sidewalk while standing in the public right of way
  2. I will not litter on the public right of way
  3. I will closely attend to any children I bring to the prayer vigil
  4. I will not threaten, physically contact, or verbally abuse the Planned Parenthood employees, volunteers, or customers
  5. I will not vandalize private property
  6. I will cooperate with local city authorities