Friday, May 14, 2010

Selling Abortions

It's all about the Benjamins. It's not a secret. Planned Parenthood sells a product, and that product is abortion. In order for their coropration to be sucessful, they need money. In order to get money, they need "clients," that is, they need women to come to them with crisis pregnancies. For the abortion providers, they are not concerned with choice. There is one choice they care about - the choice to end a child's life. Many women are forced, pushed, pressured to abort - this is not a concern for the money-driven organization.

Just ask Abby Johnson, who got involved with Planned Parenthood because she wanted to help women. As a Planned Parenthood Executive Director for almost a decade, she learned first hand about the blood-money. She was told by her boss that they needed more abortions because they needed more money. Clearly, it's never been about choice, or else the advocates of choice would voice disapproval. It's always been about money. Hear Abby explain.

"Planned Parenthood gets money..." is the sign PP often places on their property as we gather to pray. That is supposed to deter us? We already know this. On top of all the money they make, we know our tax money goes to fund this genocide. We stand and pray, and they rack in the dough for killing off innocent children.

Don't think it's really about money? Don't take my word for it. Just hear all the former Planned Parenthood employees tell you themselves.

Abortion is a false solution. We offer an alternative - HOPE.

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