Monday, October 26, 2009

A Few Words About Our Final Week - Please keep up the good work!

My Dear Friends,

The 40 Days continues to be an anointed time for our community in upholding the sanctity of life and in responding to the culture of death with the power of prayer. This is the last week! I ask that you make every effort to commit an hour or more to stand at the vigil in the remaining time slots. You all continue to encourage me with your commitment to the unborn and their parents. There have been many times that I have gone to the vigil to find people participating in prayer who did not sign up online. While many people spontaneously stop by (which is wonderful!), I ask that if you know you will be covering an hour, to make sure to sign up online as this lets other people know which times to fill (again, please be sure not to walk across the grass of Albemarle Baptist).

Sunday is day 40 of 40! Our Victory Celebration will be at 7 PM that evening. I truly hope you can be at this blessed gathering. It is very powerful to hear of the many graces God has poured forth in such a short time. Details will follow soon (just to give you one fact, did you know that over 400 babies have been saved nationwide?!). Although we have not made our vigil on Sundays, I am asking you all to fill the 12 Noon to 6 PM time this Sunday, November 1st, because it is the final day of the vigil. We should easily be able to make a strong showing in these hours.

I will be in touch. May God mightily bless you.

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