Sunday, September 12, 2010

40 Days is Coming Soon!

September 22 is the start of the vigil, and it's only two weeks away! It's amazing how quickly it's coming and yet far more amazing how much more the Lord is accomplishing. This is truly His Work and He will provide all that is needed, yet so humble that He chooses to provide by cooperating with us. It seems that whatever skills and items we truly need, He brings forward members of the Body of Christ who can meet those needs.

How is God desiring to cooperate with you to bring about the success of this campaign? There are a several ways ways you can get involved even now:

Start Praying

The work we are doing in preparing for this fall campaign is God's work and the devil seeks to discourage us and stop it. Please pray that the Lord will provide us all with the Graces we need to accomplish His Will in our lives.

Listen to the Radio

On July 29th, Steve appeared on the Shilling Show (1070 WINA) to talk about this upcoming fall campaign. On Wednesday, September 16 at shortly after noon he will be joined by Abigail and myself. Please pray for us as we seek to brings this message of love and healing to those listening and for them that their hearts will be moved by the words the Lord gives us.

To listen to the archived show on the web after the fact, go to the station's website and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Sign up for the Vigil

The vigil calendar is up and running! This year we will be using a provided calendar that has the added benefit of sending out a reminder email the day before! There are three easy steps to signing up - to learn more check out our vigil sign-up instructions.

Start spreading the Word

The most effective witness for this event is word of mouth. Encourage people to visit our website to learn more about the national and local campaign.

Encourage people to sign up for the national emails by visiting the website and filling out the form in the upper right by the picture. They send out daily devotionals during the campaign that are a wonderful combination of scripture, meditation and prayer. This will also put them on the local list so they will have updates locally. The national team sends out very few emails outside of the campaigns and neither of us will give away your email address.


Part of the campaign is the educational and local outreach. We will be providing literature and educational materials. If you areinterested in helping us provide these items please contact me at

Note on donations: There is a 2 for 1 sale until the end of this month for 40 Days for Life materials - so your donation will have a double impact if submitted by the end of the month!

Other Talents?

Is God putting something else on your heart? If you feel called to do something that I've not listed here? Then I ask you to pray and act. If you see a need that you can fill, let us know!

Above all, please continue to pray that we will have the wisdom and courage to continue to do God's work.

God bless,

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