Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 13: Midpoint Rally & the Importance of Prayer

Hi Prayer Warriors!

It's hard to believe that we're already more than a quarter of a way through the 40 days -- in fact day 20 is only a week away! And with this passing of time, the midpoint rally is now at hand!

Midpoint Rally
When: Sunday, Oct 10 from 1pm to ~2:30pm
Where: Albemarle High School with some opening prayers, then doing a prayer march down to Planned Parenthood (1/2 a mile walk)

While talking with a fellow Christian I realized I'd done a poor job of explaining what 40 Days for Life was about. It's not about the vigil at Planned Parenthood, it's not about community outreach, and it's not even about visiting the website and signing up for the daily devotionals. 40 Days for Life is simply about praying and fasting for an end to abortion. One of our most powerful prayer warriors will never make it out to Planned Parenthood or perhaps even witness to the community, for she can barely walk. She'll never receive a single email from me or the national team, for she has no email...nor even a computer.

Yet she is praying, every day, for an end to abortion, for this campaign and for each of us. When she signed her name with an arthritic, shaking hand, I knew it was her prayers, and the prayers of the many more unknown souls like her, that were upholding us. Everything else is an outward, visible sign of this necessary, invisible reality of prayer. Without that prayer nothing will be accomplished!

If your church or community is doing something prayer centered to end abortion, please pass it along so others may join in. Here are two events coming up within the next week:

Holy Hour for the Respect of all human life
When: Sunday, October 10th at 3pm (we'll try to end the rally on time so people can make it to this)
Where: St Thomas Aquinas
What: An hour of private prayer in front of the exposed host.
Who: Anyone may attend - if you have questions please feel free to contact me

Mass offered for 40 Days for Life
When: Tuesday, October 12 at 12:25pm
Where: UVA Chapel on grounds (note: parking can be difficult)
Who: Anyone may attend, but only Catholics who have prepared themselves may receive communion.

Thank you for all your prayers and may the Lord bless you abundantly as you continue to put your trust in Him!

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