Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God Loves History Teachers

Today at around 6 pm a Charlottesville high school history teacher saw someone holding a "Pray to end abortion" sign and decided to pull over to voice his discontent. It turns out that the history teacher was against abortion but would never impose his morals on someone else. There was a lengthy debate that followed which included attempts to get the teacher to see the contradictions in his own moral philosophy. He admitted that if rape or pedophilia were made legal he would stand against those laws and do more than simply hold a sign, but the same standard did not apply to abortion.

Debates can sometimes be helpful -- but that's not the miracle that occurred.

As twilight approached the pro life volunteer looked up and was shocked to see a brigade of pro lifers surrounding him and more volunteers crossing the street. The clinic was closed and yet God's army was still arriving.

One of the pro lifers walked up and introduced herself to the history teacher. And he asked her why she was there and she told him that she was adopted and that someone loved her rather than choosing abortion. And then she asked if she could introduce him to the other pro lifers and allow them to answer the question. And one by one the history teacher met God's faithful servants and each of them witnessed to him -- including the pastor of the church that made up the pro life brigade.

As darkness fell the pro lifer who originally thought he was trying to reach this man alone marveled at how much God must love that history teacher to send so many earth angels to his rescue.


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