Friday, October 15, 2010

Hour of Power

Friday, Oct. 15 we were inspired by the participation of the Palmyra Knights of Columbus. It was a site to behold. The Knights decided to come back this Friday and the coordinated with other Knights in the area. Then the thought occurred to them — what if we all showed up during rush hour on Friday?

The UVa students were already scheduled to be there — at least one and quite likely two Knights of Columbus groups would be joining them. The stage was set for a tremendous showing of how God's grace can move people.

And there was. Over 70 people showed up to pour out prayers and hope onto this place that so sorely lacks hope.

We had a large crowd from Laurel Hill Baptist Church. There were more than 20 people who made it and even more were trying to get there but couldn't because of the traffic — so they prayed with us while driving. One woman told us how she had handed the sign around at her Sunday school meeting to show how holding a sign isn't nearly as scary as everyone thinks.

We also had a pastor from Calvary Baptist and a priest from Palmyra. The witness of the pastors is powerful in a time when leaders are told to shush and let people sin. Pray for our church leaders, that they will become convicted of the truth and will stand up.

Finally, we had representatives from three groups of Knights, Palmyra, Incarnation and St Thomas and the UVa students came. These are the groups I know of personally. I unfortunately didn't get to talk to all 70 people — so if I missed your group please let me know.

We had people coming out for the first time, and others who are veteran soldiers for Christ. There were folks who knelt in prayer, others who stood. Some waved at the passing cars and prayed for the souls inside. It was a time to meet fellow prayer warriors and give God praise for the power of His hand.

So when you are standing out there alone — remember you are NOT alone. Apart from the countless angels our Lord sends to protect you, all of your brothers and sisters in Christ are there with you in spirit!

Thank you for coming out and being a witness to LIFE!

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