Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unwanted. Unsafe. Unfair.

"Coerced abortion is explicitly recognized as a violation of basic rights and principles." – United Nations Population Fund.

"Some claim that abortion is only 'forced' if physical force e.g., kidnappingis involved, and that all other abortions have been 'chosen' ... even where women have been harassed or brutalized to force them to comply. The 'forced' versus 'coerced' argument dismisses the fact that coerced abortions are human rights abuses. It legitimizes abuse of women by implying that any woman who had an abortion because she was unable to withstand being psychologically or physically abused, got what she deserved. ... "Both 'forced' and 'coerced' abortions should be opposed as fundamental human rights abuses."

Learn more at Abortion Is The Unchoice

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