Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tyler's Child

Today was one of the busiest days at Planned Parenthood -- there was only one empty parking spot. The couples that began arriving in the morning had come to abort their babies. Shortly after the abortionist parked her car in the congested parking lot a father came out of the abortion clinic and approached the sidewalk where the pro lifers were praying and holding signs. He said his name was Tyler* and that he didn't want his girlfriend to have an abortion and that he felt he could be a good father.

He said he would never abandon his girlfriend, but that it wasn't his choice since it was her body.

He was told that it wasn't her body or even her baby -- but God's. Tyler was given adoption information and advised that there was a pregnancy center just down the street that could help them in addition to literature showing the development cycle of babies. Earlier, Tyler and his girlfriend had been told that God loved them and their baby and that their child was a blessing.

Tyler eventually agreed to go back into the abortion clinic and attempt to talk his girlfriend out of having an abortion. He was going to tell her, "If you love me you will have this baby." Cell phones lit up as the local pro lifers called everyone they knew to begin praying that Tyler would find the words to reach his girlfriend and that his precious baby would be spared.

"Your baby is waiting for you to be a hero and go into that building and save its life." a pro lifer told him.

Sadly, despite the prayers of God's faithful and words of encouragement to empower a father to save his child, Tyler's baby did not survive. About half an hour later Tyler came out and shook his head "no" when asked if he was successful. He spent the rest of the time around his car -- obviously uncomfortable with being inside the building. Later, he reached over and waved goodbye when he left with his girlfriend -- and began a chapter in his life that only God will be able to heal.

Tyler's baby is safe with God where no harm will come to it and where it will be loved by a heavenly Father that sent some of his very best servants to its rescue.

A few minutes later another couple came out smiling and said they had changed their minds. They were told the same thing that Tyler and his girlfriend had heard and saw the same people praying, but with a very different result. Perhaps God knows that his followers have their emotional limits.

And so there was joy through the tears as a mother and father took a very different path toward the miracle of parenthood. And they were told to praise God because their baby is a blessing.


*Name changed to protect identities.

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